Georg Lindacher

Photographer & Creator

I'm a 25-year-old freelance photographer from Germany, passionate about the outdoors and currently based in Bavaria, Germany. It’s the pursuit of freedom and wanderlust which keeps me going steadily.

The intention of my photography is to show the beautiful places this planet has to offer. My goal is to inspire the viewers of my work to escape their daily routines, get out of their comfort zones, explore remote places, experience nature or just be out there. Adventuring gives me a thrill like no other and is my inspiration… Nature never disappoints me!

With a preference for unique perspectives and the world as my playground, I am constantly on the run creating meaningful and inspirational content. By combining nature and lifestyle I'm striving to capture moments in an innovative and outstanding way to visualize my interpretation of reality.

Interested in collaborating? I'm available for adventure sports, travel, outdoor and lifestyle projects worldwide. Simply get in touch with me via Email.


With a range of personal and professional skills, no matter if behind the camera or behind the desk, I’m available for:

photography projects regarding automotive, adventures, sports, lifestyle and people.

product promotions, long-term partnerships & Ambassador roles.

all kinds of digital content creation for brands.

Travel/Destination photography. 

Aerial photography.

Selected Clients

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